Sonusfit M-Series

The Regupol Sonusfit M-Series is a multi-layer system that combines the top layer of EverRoll from the T-Series and adds elastomers for different dampening and spring properties. Stability of athletes is accomplishes by gluing the layers on a bare floor, without the need of a spring base system.

Sonusfit M-Series


  • More efficient sound insulation
  • Energy impact reduced from dropped weights
  • Perfect for acoustic and sport function
  • Assists with structure based noises
  • Can be applied to bare floor
  • Great for retrofitting old, or, new buildings


  • PUR bonded, rubber + finish wear layer
  • Functionality with efficient sound insulation
  • For low frequency & impact absorption
  • Suitable for mixed-use buildings
  • Available in wide range of colors
  • Credits toward LEED certification

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