Arena Renegade Backstop

With a slim profile, Arena Renegadeby Spalding® gives the fans a better chance to see the game. The large safety lock provides more structural strength and stability.

Arena Renegade Backstop


• Official backstop of the NCAA® and professional leagues
• New Slim Profile provides greater audience visibility
• Improved structural rigidity by increasing the size of the safety lock and telescopic adjustment tube
• The hidden cable channel on the boom helps give a cleaner appearance during play
• Stability lock helps decrease sway
• Available in 10′ 8″ and 8′ extensions to meet all professional, collegiate, high school, and international specifications
• Arena Renegade® SuperGlass™ Prosb™ Backboard(413-100) (42″ x 72″) with limited lifetime warranty
• Slam-Dunk®Precision 180sb™ Goal with a limited 7-year warranty
• Protective padding covered in 30 oz. vinyl
• Counterweight of 1500 to 2000 lbs. for superior stability
• E-Z Bolt™ Backboard padding is available in 12 color options

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