Heat & Technology

The most important aspect of any sauna is the type of heat source that best serves the purpose of your facility. Although the benefits of each are similar, the environment greatly differs in each. Infrared heat saunas provide a more dry, lower heat experience. A more traditional style hot rock heater experience is warmer, and humidity levels fluctuate. Choose the best heat source for your commercial gym or sport complex, you can even mix for a varied spa experience.

Managing the climate is another consideration. The comfort, time periods and lighting for the sauna are controlled by innovative technologies that make the process easy. Monitor heater times and temperatures, and adjust settings remotely. Digital touch screen controls can be programmed to be simple and manual, or automated to fit the style of your installation.

Heat & Technology


• Stainless steel construction
• Mercuri/SSB LCD touch screen, digital controls
• Energy efficient
• Industrial grade silver solder elements
• Extreme duty grade
• Heavy stone capacity

• Stainless steel housing, reflector & heat shield
• Glazed non-corrosive finish
• Pure ceramic concentrated infrared wave pattern
• Easy to clean + splash proof
• Low electromagnetic field radiation
• SSB LCD touch screen, digital controls

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